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“The artist’s rare musicality enhances the heveanly atmosphere of the performance and creates a completetly new artistic experience… Her saw playing awakens the senses and imagination. It recalls the angels’ singing”


It could be that I am the only woman of Poland and one the few in the world to posses the ability of playing this unique instrument.

My interests in playing the musical saw date back to my childhood, to the times even preceding my violin education. In the field ot the “tool-playing” I am an autodidact… I purchased the musical saw on-line from America and learned to play it in 2007.

The sound of saw always surprised and thrilled me with its ethereal depth, its perfect infinite and space-vibrating tone… however, it electrified me most because – in my opinion – it imitates the best the human voice – the most perfect instrument in the world.

My hobby works however within a certain framework… (yes, I try not to damage any wooden furniture). I am particulary interested in avant garde improvising, mostly practiced with church organ at the sound & light shows. To make the events more special, I sometimes choose adding voice effects so my saw playing ….so we sing in duet. The other genres which I am excited about is ethno, film music and of course classics – sometimes as a collage with jazz… In my hobby I remain faithful to my artistic maxim: I am first of all on my path in searching harmony and beauty…

The musicians I eagerly work with is the Slovakian star harpist Michal Matejčík and the Celtic harpist from Poland – Małgorzata Komorowska as well as with the improvising piano artist Beatris, living on Crete. I recently enjoyed performing with a Slovakian double bass quatruple formation BassBand with a lot of Jazzy inflections swinging around…

My musical saw is (really!) called a Stradivarius. It was made in Sweden by the BAHCO steel company. I play it by my baroque violin bow…


Welcome to the Sphere of Heaven:

Antonin Dvorak Largo


Foto: Miłosz Wozaczyński